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Medeco Lever Door Handle for Door Repairs and Upgrades.

Medeco is well know for quality products. Our home door locks are ideal for door repair jobs and upgrading your home functionality. Think about an executive look with medeco lever handles a versatile design often selected for its commercial appeal. The Augusta is “non-handed” and available in 5 finishes.
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medeco Lever Handle Door Locks “Augusta”

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Medeco Lock Replacement

Medeco Lock Replacement – If you found yourself on this page looking for MEDECO lock systems call me.  There is no way you will find the necessary information to understand all the Medeco locks available. For 30 plus years I have installed medeco locks and other brands.  Let me look upon your objective and I will advice you of the best system to serve your application. Call Danny Your Locksmith For Any Task (405) 732-2444

Medeco Lock Replacement – Front doors are more than just an entrance and exit, it’s also a security system that you touch everyday. That’s why it’s important to choose the right handle set. medeco offers a wide variety of designs and finishes, from angular to flowing, classic to contemporary, all designed to ensure that your front door is the perfect introduction to your home.

Electronic locks work by means of an electric current and is usually connected to an access control system. In addition to the pin and tumbler used in standard locks, electronic locks connects the bolt or cylinder to a motor within the door using a part called an actuator. Types of electronic locks include the following:

Key card lock systems operates with a flat card using the same dimensions as a credit card or US and EU driver’s license. In order to open the door, one needs to successfully match the signature within the key card.

Medeco Lock Replacement – The lock in a typical remote keyless system operates with a smart key radio transmitter. The lock typically accepts a particular valid code only once, and the smart key transmits a different rolling code every time the button is pressed. Generally the car door can be opened with either a valid code by radio transmission, or with a (non-electronic) pin tumbler key. The switch may require a transponder key to both open a pin tumbler lock and also transmit a valid code by radio transmission.

Smart lock is an electro mechanics lock that gets instructions to lock and unlock the door from an authorized device using a cryptographic key and wireless protocol. Smart locks have begun to be used more commonly in residential areas, often controlled with smartphones. Smart locks are used in co working spaces and offices to enable key less office entry.

The sidebar lock operates using fins on a radial key that actuate sidebars that align with a cylindrical code bar within the lock. This is a new type of master key technology developed by the Australian Lock Company. The keys and the code bar are cut using a computer numerical control (CNC) machine.

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Medeco Lock Replacement

Medeco Lock Replacement

Medeco Lock Replacement – Big Dog Lock & Key your locksmith services providing medeco door lock systems a lock manufacturer intent on building more security into the lock and dead bolt. It is associated with the a propitiatory tumbler lock, which is often known as the medeco lock. As a professional locksmith I am trained to repair and install medeco lock systems.

For almost 50 years, Medeco lock repair has led the security industry in innovation and quality, guarding lives and assets at facilities worldwide. Medeco® locks are made with pride in the U.S.A. The manufacturing facility is located in Salem, Virginia and employs approximately 250 people. Our team of lock engineers and designers are dedicated to lock security for the home or business. medeco engineers know how simple it is to open a standard lock. With this in mind a medeco lock is almost drill proof and pick proof.

Medeco® locks protect U.S. government and military installations, both here and abroad, as well as schools and universities, hospitals and banks, vending machines and parking meters, homes and offices, and much, much more.

Medeco Lock Replacement locking systems for security, safety, and control. The company’s customer base includes wholesale and retail security providers, original equipment manufacturers, institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential end-users. Big Dog Lock n Key is a trained medeco installer for residential and commercial applications. I highly recommend medeco when you are changing your locks.

Medeco® is an ASSA ABLOY Group company. The ASSA ABLOY Group is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of locks and associated products, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

When you need high security protection, don’t rely on an ordinary lock.

Medeco Lock Replacement

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