License Info

Locksmith OKC is licensed by the Oklahoma department of Labor. Locksmith OKC license number is AC1195. Here at Locksmith OKC we try to be as transparent as possible. We made this page specifically to highlight our Locksmith OKC license so customers could know who we are and trust our service. Our business name is Locksmith OKC and the number associated with it is 1195.

We only hire employees who have passed the locksmith license exam administrated by the Oklahoma Department of Labor, so all of our staff is properly licensed and trained for the work that they are doing. It is illegal for a locksmith to not have a license in the state of Oklahoma. There a lot of businesses that try to cut corners nu mot hiring licensed locksmith. Here at Locksmith OKC, we do not do that.

You can view Locksmith OKC license, our locksmith technician’s licenses, and the Oklahoma department of labor website by following this link: Verify a License.

Locksmith OKC License/ Registration:

Locksmith OKC License 2017-1018